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Rural Resource Planning 

Are you making the best of your environmental resources?

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LandWise can carry out a comprehensive audit of the environmental, social and business assets of your rural property. We will assess the condition of all resources to establish how well they are being used now, what risks they might face and the potential to enhance or use them more effectively in future.


The process is aimed at improving the sustainability of land management and can be tailored to meet the objectives of different owners. It can be used for an individual site or for a farm, estate or even a whole organisation.


The review will enable priorities for investment to be determined by the actions that will produce the greatest returns in terms of environmental, social or economic benefits as appropriate. It will also enable business cases to be developed to justify expenditure and demonstrate how it will achieve agreed objectives.


We can help with implementation through the management of projects and contracts, finding tenants and negotiating agreements. We can also help to establish meaningful, easily measured, performance indicators to monitor progress towards objectives and keep priorities under review.


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LandWise Rural Resource Management Limited is a company regisered in England and Wales. Company number 07725608