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Positive relationship building

Are you getting the best from your business relationships?

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Effective estate management depends on a range of relationships - with tenants, partners, neighbours and visitors. The quality of these relationships can make a big difference to the reputation of a rural estate and its success as a business. 

Positive and productive business relationships are a financial asset and the goodwill between landowner, occupier and local community has a genuine value in economic terms.


Time and money spent on conflicts and disputes is time and money wasted.


As positive negotiators and pioneers of the Land Partnerships ApproachLandWise can offer a creative way of developing more co-operative relationships where objectives are shared, risks are more evenly divided between the parties and novel agreements are built around common interests.


LandWise can also help landowners to build stronger links with local communities, provide greater public benefit and to create opportunities for people to get involved. All of this can is a key part of truly sustainable estate management and can pay dividends in many ways.

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