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Policy and Guidance

Do all your people adopt the approach you want?

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Sustainable estate management can only be achieved if everyone involved is pulling in the same direction. This includes staff, tenants, contractors and suppliers all of whom need to be aware of the standards, best practice and ethical approach that are expected. These will vary depending on the priorities and motivations of the landowner but it is important that they are clearly defined and explained.


This might be achieved quite simply by capturing the essence of what the property is about in a statement or by establishing a set of sustainability principles to be adopted by all concerned. Or it could involve the development of more comprehensive set of written policies together with technical guidance relating to different aspects of management.


LandWise can help to establish clear objectives for property management to meet the needs of the landowner and develop an appropriate level of policy, technical guidance or ad hoc advice as required as well as training for managers and staff.


LandWise can also carry out research into different aspects of sustainable land management and provide reports to help progressive landowners to adopt innovative approaches, exploit new opportunities or just develop their own best practice. 




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