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Let estate business planning

Are you optimising rents from your let properties?

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Lettings form the mainstay of the income for many rural estates but are they achieving their full potential? Almost every estate has scope to optimise returns from residential and business lettings by capitalising on environmental quality, energy efficiency and local distinctiveness. Existing rental returns will only be secure if the condition of properties is maintained and necessary standards are met. Prudent investment is required.


The LandWise approach to let estate business planning takes stock of existing lettings, categorises properties according to their condition, sensitivity and market potential and tailors specifications and levels of spend to optimise returns on investment.


Vacant properties can be the most significant drain on the financial performance of let portfolios. LandWise can help develop strategies to bring redundant buildings back into economic use, reduce turnover of tenants and minimise voids between lettings.


LandWise can help to establish simple systems to monitor the performance of let property management, establish repair and improvement programmes and improve tenant relations.