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What is LandWise?

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LandWise is a new Rural Surveying company set up to provide specialised estate management services focusing on environment, natural resources and positive relationships for the sustainable management of land.

LandWise can provide a range of services to owners and occupiers of land who want to adopt an environmentally and socially responsible approach to the management of their property.

As a small company carrying low overheads LandWise can tailor services to suit your needs and provide a very cost effective way of obtaining highly experienced and enlightened professional services on a 'pay as you need it' basis.

LandWise is based in Salisbury but works in association with leading environmental Rural Surveyors in Worcestershire and Cheshire through 3D Rural Surveyors. Between us we can povide a wide range of experience and expertise nationwide.

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Tel.: 07584 093445

LandWise Rural Resource Management Limited is a company regisered in England and Wales. Company number 07725608